The Milwaukee Natural Hair Care Expo started its first year in 2011 in a very popular, nationally recognized  natural health and beauty movement. In it s first year 1,000 attendees came from across the nation to celebrate natural health, beauty and enterpreneurship. The main goal is to provide advanced education to natural (Chemical–Free) hair stylists, natural health specialists, business owners and consumers classes, and guest presenters while providing craft vendors and entertainers a platform to express and sell their art. This event attracted 1500 attendees in its second year 2012.


The Milwaukee Natural Hair Care Expo is the result of Milwaukee, WI business owner & self published author Dr. Kanika Ward,  a leader in the natural hair care and education field to bring a unique, cultural community event bringing families together in the Milwaukee area.

Kanika Ward is owner of Milwaukee’s premier health spa, Kosmik Kare Day Spa. Kanika’s business opened its doors in 2003. She offers a broad spectrum of holistic services from nutritional counseling, full body detoxification, massage therapy, facial services, threading, custom cosmetics and more. Dr. Ward who is also a licensed esthetician believes that “the internal health of an individual is reflected in their external beauty.” In other words, beauty comes from within. Dr. Kanika Ward who has held several wellness events has dedicated her mission to spreading awareness about detoxification and will use her expertise and connections to bring some of the best information, guests and resources to the expo.

The inspiration for bringing the Milwaukee Natural Hair Care Expo came from Kanika’s participation in many national natural hair care events and the 2002 Natural Hairitage Conference. Kanika teaches classes on natural skin and hair care and sells her very own line of natural hair and skin products, Khemistry Kosmetiks. After several conversations Kanika decided to bring an event that gives local and national businesses an opportunity to tap in to the very unique demographics of Milwaukee’s hair, health, and beauty professionals and consumers.

We intend to use the expo to inform out-of-town guests of other events and destinations in the area, such as dining & nightlife downtown, Summerfest, the Historical and Art museums .  The festival will increase attendance at area cultural venues or events in the city of Milwaukee. Shopping and basic fun activities will be outlined for our guests based on the many things happening in the city. Tourists will be encouraged to sample other events and features around the area offering them multiple reasons to return for future events.


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  1. ali shabazz says:

    Greetings my beloved sistrens,big ups for the much needed works in which ya’ll have seem bring to the forefront.We would love to link with your org or reason with someone in the org about future projects and much needed knowledge and info.Amani

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