Welcome, Natural Hair Family!

This is your official site to get all the updates on the wonderful performers, vendors, and workshops coming to the Milwaukee Natural Hair Care Expo on June 23, 2013 at The Milwaukee Math and Science Academy, 110 W Burleigh st, Milwaukee, WI, 53212.Please visit the site as we add more to the schedule of events and attractions for 2013 expo.

Peace and Blessings

What You Can Expect

■Exposure to approximately 1500-2000 visitors
■Quality and informative workshops, classes, and exhibitors
■Expert instructors/educators
■Professional and friendly team of staff and volunteers
■Variety of great food, vegan menu and healthy exotic beverages
■Remarkable entrepreneurs
■Opportunity to market products/services to a widespread, and diverse audience
The best in the natural hair care industry – instructors, education, manufacturers and YOU

The Natural Hair Care Expo’s roots are based in Baltimore, where it has attracts thousands from all over the world! Now in its 3rd year of production, the Milwaukee Natural Hair Care Expo is growing to attract 1500 attendees or more each year from all over the United States. The Milwaukee Natural Hair Care Expo is a true expression of cooperative economics among business owners in the health, beauty, and fashion industries.

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